Write an IF statement to incorporate a range such as:IF cell A1 is "between" 200 and 300 then etc.

Also to incorporate more than seven IF statements within one cell, you need the AND function for multiple conditions.

Such as


If you want it to be equal to 200 and greater than and less than or equal to 300 it would look like this.


You can go beyond 7 multiple IF's by doing this.

In a different cell, let's say in cell B1 you would have the first 7 If statements in a formula.

In cell A1 (the cell that you want to have more than 7 IF statements) you would start your first IF statement by evaluating cell B1 such as.

IF(ISNUMBER(B1), B1) and then continue on with 6 more if statements.

Obviously it gets very messy and complicated very fast doing it this way. So and easier way is to use the Visual Basic language editor to write macros. It may take a little bit of time to understand VBA language, but usually within a little bit of time and a basic understanding of it, you can write your own macros.

It is much more efficient and less chance of other users messing up the worksheet by using VBA. You can instantly see the visual basic editor by pressing Alt+F11.