LEM Hummer
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Technical Details

Displacement 200cc

4-stroke single cylinder engine

Tank capacity 5.5lt

Carburetor power supply

unleaded petrol fuel

CDI ignition

Electric start

F-N-R Automanic Transmission



Technical Details


Aluminum Rims

Front & Rear hydraulic disc brakes

Block tread tires

Front and rear tires 21 / 7-10 20 / 10.00-10

Weight 115 kg

Dimensions 1600mmX930mmX80mm

Double key locks

Chain Drive


So, you too are the lucky owner of a LEM Hummer Utility 200cc Quadbike, ATV, or whatever you want to call it. But do you realize it's not actually a real LEM as the advertisements or stickers on the bike would suggest. It's actually Chinese and there it's referred to as a Hammer. Look behind the front nose cone and you'll see the manufacturer's plate. Yongkang trades as Mikilon.
OK, yes, it looks very nice on the surface but there are some important features you must be aware of. For example when the wiring is inspected citically it is bunched / taped up in an untidy fashion or not supported at all and hanging. Fair to say it's an easy job to secure it better but why should I have to ? After all I just spent around Euro 3500 (including Registration fees). Another point of concern is amperes load on the circuit. The power output by the electrical system is insufficient. For example the standard horn is hardly audible when used, therefore useless when compared to the engine noise if a situation arises where it's necessary to announce your presence., The fix for this serious problem is to install a relay.

Wiring - many wires are not long enough or have their plastic sleeves too short. This is apparent on the front indicators which would have better been routed through the bottom of the nose cone. Instead they are stretched across each side of the front upper grille. Also two circular front spotlights have been added; although they look very nice and are very effective, no thought was made regarding the effect on the electrical system as a whole.The fuse which protects the electrical loom has not been upgraded from its standard 10 amps capacity.

Lighting - when the lights are on, the horn does not function at setting 2. Setting 0 = Off, Setting 1 = Spotlights, Setting 2 = Spotlights and inbuilt dipped lights. Red sqare button = add headlights to spots and dipped lights.When the standard horn it is replaced by a pair of compressed air-horns, the horns are inoperative when the lights are on. Having said that, the standard horn as mentioned before is completely inaudible over the sound of the engine let alone in traffic. I have devised a fix for this very serious inability to be able to announce your presence when required. As mentioned before I have replaced the standard horn with a pair of compressed-air klaxons and overcome the insufficient electrical output to power them with a relay. Please see the section Relay and Klaxons below.

Other details :-

Carburetor - RJ28D1 28194016

Power Calculation - before installing a relay and klaxons it's a good idea to calculate what we're dealing with in terms of consumption. Why ? Because we must use the right amperage fuse so not to damage existing circuitry. The industry standard equation is I = P / E which as we all will remember from out school physics lessons (?) actually means I = Amps, P = Watts, E = Volts. So, it's obvious the amount of amperage fuse we need is the number of watts pulled from the wiring loom divided by the number of volts. Yes, you guessed it, we already know this system is supplied by a 12 volt battery. The tedious part now follows. Now we need to know which consumes what in terms of amps.

My quad Hummer is as follows

Item (One Side)
Total (Both Sides)
Standard Side Light
Standard on Dipped
Standard on Main
92 (46)
Spotlight on Dipped
Spotlight on Main
348 (302)

Now, divide the total pull on the electrical system by 12 (the number of volts) .... 348 / 12 = 29 amps.... quite heavy. So having thought about it I decided that having the standard main light AND the spotlight main on at the same time was brighter than the Blackpool illuminations, crazy. To make this more realistic I disconnected the Main Standard light wire meaning full beam is still possible but coming from the spotlights only. Now the pull on the circuitry is not 348 but 302 /12 = 25 amps. The fuse required so not to overload is therefore 25 amps.

Relay and klaxons - it's cheap to purchase a relay and worth every penny if you value your safety. God knows there were too many clueless idiots already on the road before the "evolution" of the mobile telephone. Now there are even more, so cyclists, motorcyclists, ATV pilots, etc need to be heard and able to blast the s**t out of a car driver who's sending or reading their text messages rather than driving responsibly and with attention.

Why and how to install a Relay - As stated before, the drain on the electrical circuitry is heavier when a pair Klaxons is installed and they will not function due to the existing load for the lighting. A relay with it's own protective fuse solves the problem of not being hears when the lights are on. I bought a very nice one made by Fiamm. Here is how to install it....




You will need some ignition terminal connectors, the compression tool, colour-coded hood covers, pliers,